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Hi, everyone. Long time no see.

After a time really busy with my life, I return to you with exciting news: I'm open sourcing my games at my GitHub account. Developing flash game to NG was great fun and I learned a lot. Must of the code is crappy as fuck, but I hope you can learn a thing or two with it.

My github:




2016-12-04 08:09:42 by KeizerZilla


"It is important to say right up front that quality isn't everything, and acknowledging it isn't some sort of moral failing. Value is what you are trying to produce, and quality is only one aspect of it, intermixed with cost, features, and other factors. There have been plenty of hugely successful and highly regarded titles that were filled with bugs and crashed a lot; pursuing a Space Shuttle style code development process for game development would be idiotic. Still, quality does matter."

- John Carmack

I had the chance to play this game just now. I knew about it before, but never could play it. So much fun!

UPDATE [14/11/2015]

2015-11-13 23:25:54 by KeizerZilla


So this week was not the ideal one... I suffered some lack of motivation, which impacted on my work as well as my game development. But I managed to get things done today, such as A.I studies and SDL2 familiarization.

New stuff to come tomorrow. Stay tune and have a nice weekend!



2015-11-09 09:38:25 by KeizerZilla


The next game I'm creating is a collab between two friends of mine (none of them are NG users, tho). It's gonna be an infinnite runner for mobile devices and WEB browers using HTML5 (and of course for NG!). News to come in the near future.


Here I make my games

2015-11-08 08:12:41 by KeizerZilla


Hi, guys and gals!

I'm posting this to say to all my followers on NG that I'm starting to make games once again.

It's almost one year since I put my hands on the keyboard to code a game. It all started as an experiment: I was trying to see what I could achieve with my programming skills and a bunch of google search + stackoverflow. I am a programmer by profession and I think I can turn this gamedev thing on a better future perspective so to say.

My silly games taught me a lot and now is the time to sit back on my battlestation and try to bring to you guys good an fun experiences. I hope you stick with me in this new adventure.


- Artur

I just want to wish a very special and rewarded year for you guys! 2014 was amazing for me, I just started this "game development thing" and everyday I got signs that I'm on the right way. 2015 will be far better! I want to use this post to tag two things that are already set to January.

First of all here is a screenshot of my upcoming game. It's a Snake-like game highly inspired by L'Abbaye des Morts, an indie game created by the great Locomalito. You can check out his game here. The game will be released until Sunday, so stay close!


Second I just signed to participate on Global Game Jam. The event will take place 23, 24 and 25 of January. I'm gonna livestream the development from there! If you like to watch people making games, and if you fell inclined to, please follow my chanell here. I'm commolly went live, so you don't need to wait until the event to watch me fighting against my code xD

So this was what I wanted to say. Keep it up, guys, and I see you soon! Bye!


- Keizer


2014-12-26 08:13:38 by KeizerZilla

The updated version for Requiem is LIVE! Challenge your friends to see who die less or finish the game faster!

Play Requiem here on Newgrounds!

Have fun!

- Keizer